Alaska’s Complete Moving and Storage Company Moving Checklist

So you know you’ll be ready to move!

  • Change your address. A change of address form is available on the United States Postal Service website and in U.S. Post Offices. Make sure you notify banks, credit card companies, insurance issuers, subscriptions, etc. And arrange with the Post Office to forward your mail to your new address.
  • Set aside items you’d rather not move but don’t want to throw away. Try selling items of value through classified ads or an online retailer, like eBay, Craigslist or a local Facebook page, or hold a garage sale. Donate the rest to charity (and don’t forget the charitable receipt for a possible tax deduction!) Some organizations will even come pick items up for you. 
  • Notify professional services, such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, schools, insurance agents and accountants, and find new services in your destination.
  •  Notify governmental agencies of your move, such as the municipal tax assessor, state vehicle registration, Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Administration,
  •  Cancel or transfer memberships — to health clubs, groups or organizations.
  •  Arrange for records to be transferred — medical, school, veterinary, etc.
  •  Arrange to cancel existing utilities and services — heat, electric, cable, phone, water, sewer, trash collection, newspaper delivery, cleaning help, lawn service, etc. — and set up new services and utilities at your destination.
  •  Book travel arrangements for the move, such as air tickets and any lodging you’ll need along the way.
  • Are you driving to your new home? Get your car tuned up and ready for the trip.
  •  Don’t forget Fido! Make any necessary arrangements for your pets — books travel reservations and/or tickets, line up boarding or pet-sitting, purchase kennels or other transport containers and obtain health certificates and/or vaccinations from the vet.
  •  Consult your ARS moving representative to make sure you know what cannot be transported and dispose of those items accordingly, including flammables, poisons, corrosives, ammunition and propane tanks.
  •  Try to use up perishable foods.
  •  Defrost your refrigerator and freezer and wipe up any liquid.

  •  Unplug electronics (except plasma TVs), so they’ll be at room temperature for the move.
  •  Drain gas and oil from yard equipment, grills, heaters, etc.
  •  Fill any prescriptions you, your family or pets will need during the move.
  •  Complete any inspections, cleaning, repairs and modifications to your new home before moving items in.

  •  Create and display a floor plan to guide unloading and placement of furniture and items.

  •  Check your furniture and household items to make sure nothing is missing and/or damaged. If there is damage, report it to your moving representative.

  •  Leave electronics turned off for a day to adjust to room temperature before plugging them in.

  •  Update your vehicle registration, drivers license, voters registration, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, subscriptions, memberships, etc.

  •  Compile and store receipts from moving expenses. You might be able to deduct them from your taxes, or be reimbursed from your employer.

  • Enjoy your new home!

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