Alaska’s Moving Company Expert Guide to Moving

Those tips to help you cut your move time in half!


Do Double Duty — Pack breakables in clothing, towels and bedding. You’re bringing it all along anyway!

Do Double Duty X2 — Use suitcases, bins, laundry baskets, etc. as packing containers.

Do Double DutyX3 — Pack lightweight clothes, towels or linens in dresser drawers.

Plan Your Pack — Write up a list of what you’ll pack and when. Start with out-of-season items. Then pack things you don’t use often. Save the items you use regularly until right before your move. That helps in loading your moving container, too — the things you won’t need soon will be in the back, and the items used daily will be right in front where they’ll be unloaded first.

Label, Label, Label — Clearly mark every box and container with the room it’s from, its contents, what priority it will be to unpack, whether there’s anything breakable and whether the box is heavy. Use different colors and a consistent format to help identify each box at a glance. Example: Kitchen, Pots and pans, High (priority). Or: Bathroom, Toiletries, Medium (propriety), Fragile. Or: Office, Books, Low (priority), Heavy.

Plates and Pictures — should be packed vertically, rather than stacked. They’re less likely to break that way. But still put some paper/padding between them.

Take It Apart — For anything that has to be disassembled, keep all the parts together. Put screws, bolts, brackets, curtain rings, etc., in plastic zip-top bags and tape them to the item.

Take Plug Pics — Before unhooking electronics, take a photo while everything is connected, so you’ll know how to reconnect the cords at your new place.

Garbage Bags — Though we don’t suggest  you use garbage bags for any of your belongings when you move, if you must, buy a color you don’t use for trash so you don’t accidentally throw out important items. Or ask us about our 1/2 priced used boxes that will actually protect your belongings.

Get A Go-Bag — Pack a bag with all your daily essentials as though you were going on a trip for work or vacation. That way you’ll have a change of clothes and all your necessary toiletries, medications and personal items handy when you get to your new place, without having to rummage through boxes.

Keep ‘Em Separated — Pack valuables and important documents separately and transport them yourself.  Now would be a good time to purchase a locking safe if you don’t already have one.

Avoid Spillage — Cover the openings of bottles with plastic wrap, then replace the cap. This works for toiletries, soap containers, jars in the fridge, etc. For extra protection, pack those items in plastic bags, and make sure to stand them upright in a box, then clearly mark the box as containing liquid items, and note which end must remain up.

Prepare Before You Unpack — If possible, do any cleaning, painting, repairs or modifications before unloading furniture and household goods.

Be Box Smart  — Pack heavier items in smaller boxes. Lighter items can go in bigger boxes.  Heavy boxes are hard to carry.  Trust us.

Be Box Smart X2 — Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Be Box Smart X3 — Find the perfect fill. Don’t overstuff a box, and don’t make it too heavy to safely lift and carry. Try to pack contents firmly so items don’t shift, and so the box can be stacked without crushing inward.

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